Woodland Restoration


This small woodland forms part of one of our existing gardens. This will be a long-term restorative project, and phase one has just been completed (Winter 2018) which was to simply clean the area of many, many years of agricultural waste; thinning and clearing of saplings and undergrowth. Phase 2, in either Winter 2018/19 or 2019/20 will be to carry out tree surgery works to open up the canopy with the intention of allowing light and air into the area, thus restoring the ground flora and fauna. We know that the surrounding area is famed for its bluebell woodlands, and we very much hope that these are laying dormant just waiting for the Lady P team to give them a new life!

Most excitingly, there is an original ice house in the woodland! It is in a state of very poor disrepair and, long-term, we hope to be involved in its restoration.

The owner also just recently uncovered what we think may be a kiln or a smoke-house … all to be discovered.

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