“… building and tending gardens that enhance rather than harm the environment. Even a relatively small garden is a miniature ecosystem. It includes a surprising diversity of organisms that interact in a myriad of ways”

Courtesy of Collins English Dictionary – couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

We are passionate about wildlife and nature friendly gardens, and relish developing an existing garden to encourage more wildlife to visit. Lady Penelope was borne from an innate love of the natural world and its conservation, which fuelled Angela’s ambition to build her specialism in wildlife gardens and ecological design. Angela says “It’s almost Nature Conservation Maintenance and Horticultural Maintenance combined”.

Enhancing your garden or land to be more ecologically rich could be as simple as including nectar rich planting, leaving an area of lawn unmown, or creating small habitats such as bug hotels. The choice is endless, and we just love helping you find imaginative and creative ways of giving you an ecologically rich garden, which doesn’t mean having to let the nettles run riot (though naturally there will be space left for them!).

Probably the best thing you can do in your garden, and it has almost immediate effect, is to include a pond. We can work with you on projects such as this, or other larger schemes such as meadow creation or restoration, hedgerow planting, designing a new border perfect for pollinators, woodland management or long-term gentle re-wilding.

Your garden may already be rich in wildlife with firm ecological principles, or you may be operating under a formal Conservation Management Plan, in which case you can trust that we will have the sensitivity and knowledge to manage your garden protecting its long-term success.

We can work with you in different ways to suit you and your garden – from an advisory visit to give you the tools to undertake work yourselves, or a full design and build project carried out by our team. We have close relationships with other specialists in the field (excuse the pun), such as ecologists, arboriculturalists and other conservation professionals, and so you can be sure that we will have the expertise available for any given conservation project you may wish to undertake.

“Ecology is the study of the relationships between plants, animals, people, and their environment, and the balances between these relationships. When you talk about the ecology of a place, you are referring to the pattern and balance of relationships between plants, animals, people, and the environment in that place”

Another thank you to Collins Dictionary!

Here are just some of our favourite photos, all taken in gardens whilst getting down and dirty with nature (and trust us, there are several thousand of them as we cannot get Angela to stop running around taking pictures of insects and flowers!).

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