Meadow Restoration and Wildlife Pond - Country House, Surrey


Another project for our existing garden in development was to restore an old unimproved paddock into wildflower meadow; and we just couldn’t resist including a lovely natural pond too!

Rather than excavating the paddock and starting from scratch, we have opted to improve the existing grass sward. This was carried out in Autumn 2018, and included cutting and harrowing the area, thus opening up patches of bare soil to create seed beds; and sowing with a restorative meadow mix, including yellow rattle. 2019 and beyond will see regular monitoring and recording of species and habitats. Apart from some hand-weeding of any invasive species, the new meadow will now be allowed to settle and find its own natural balance over the coming years.

We will be planting some marginal and aquatic plants into the pond in Spring 2019, but otherwise the pond will be allowed to find its own natural balance.

The willow tree could do with pollarding, however we all rather like our newly named ‘Dougal’ and so he may live to bark another year!

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