Courtyard Revamp - Tiny Terraced Courtyard


Small is indeed beautiful. Our brief was to revamp this tiny terraced courtyard, an apartment/wing of a historic mansion, ready for potential sale, whilst giving the clients something nice to live with between then and the sale. Although it’s an historic building, the interior is contemporary – so we needed to be sensitive to the link. We chose modern slate pots, a granite water feature, and planting using ornamental grasses (for the autumn/winter interest), to be followed by a display of white tulips and narcissi. We will then plant with some summer bedding to lengthen the display if that’s needed.

A really interesting bit of the garden is a tunnel which leads under the main house, nowadays used as a service tunnel, but nonetheless a very visible bit of the garden. If clients were staying long term we’d have really gone to town in the cave, but as a short-term fix we decided to go for a slightly ‘industrial’ theme, re-painting the active gas pipework to make them a feature. Original idea was to buy a simple mirrored screen to fill the cave and reflect the rest of the garden. Everything we saw was too flimsy and decorative, so Angela’s bright idea of the day (oops) was to buy an old 1950’s hospital screen and turn it into a mirrored screen. With the amazing help of Paul, he re-built and welded the original screen and turned it into a masterpiece. Success!!

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