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Angela is an Independent Garden Consultant and a member of the Professional Garden Consultants Association. This service is provided to private or corporate clients, land or other property management businesses and insurance companies.

But what is garden consultancy, and how is this different from the help you might get from a professional gardener or designer?

As a consultant Angela will provide expert advice and an independent professional assessment focussing on a specific problem or problems resulting in varying types of written opinion or other report (see more on this below). Depending on the brief, she will suggest solutions which you may wish to carry out yourself or work with other professionals. As an independent consultant, we can pass on the details of individuals or companies to carry out any practical works, but could not recommend them or otherwise be involved in any negotiation between you.

If you need a less formal, softer approach to the problem then a professional gardener or designer will have the answers for you. They will consider the garden as a whole, even if the work is a specific project such as a new border, and will also likely carry out the practical works themselves. A Consultant can also look at the garden as a whole, if that is within the brief or if I feel it will make me more informed about the problem you have, but my focus is on the horticultural, management or other specific issue rather than on the garden itself. There are often cross-overs, but as a whole we are able to guide and support you to ensure the right outcome for you.

As members of the Professional Garden Consultants Association we are able to suggest other experts to work with you, if we were unable to help or do not have the specialism required.

Please contact us for an initial telephone or email appraisal, for which there is no charge, following which we can provide you with a cost estimate to undertake the work.

Fee Guidance: Typically Angela charges £350-£500 per day including VAT. Plus any pre-agreed travelling expenses or disbursements. A fixed fee can be agreed for a short site visit, or verbal advice only.

If we can be of any help or assistance, please do get in touch.



Angela Palmerton, MCIHort

Angela has been a professional gardener and designer since 2007, and is CEO and founder of Lady Penelope Gardens.

Member of the Professional Garden Consultants Association

Member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture


Particular Specialisms and Areas of Interest

Large Country Gardens and Estates

Horticultural and management advice for private estates

SSSI/AONB or other conservation sensitive sites

Garden Appraisals and surveys

Research and development of gardens, including the historical environment

Annual garden maintenance care plans

Heritage statements or planting schemes for planning applications

Development and restoration of historic gardens

Ecological Design

Sustainable Planting

Gardening for Wildlife

Meadows and Wildflowers

Annual Maintenance Schedules

Training existing gardening teams for specific tasks, or for supporting garden management

Guest speaker and industry panellist


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