Conservation and Restoration


As a company we have always had an awareness of and eagerness to undertake opportunities in the conservation and restoration of historic gardens and estates and natural habitats.  Our services include being a main contractor or partnership contractor to existing heritage conservation practices and conservation bodies for the implementation work programmes, as established in a conservation management plan or similar document. We are experienced in the understanding and implementation of conservation management plans, historic landscape surveys and ecological surveys and able to undertake long term work over many years. 

Our commitment to the work we undertake in the implementation of management plans is supported by our on-site garden maintenance and estate services, which provides a continuity of care through regular visits.  This approach enables us to undertake regular condition monitoring and population surveys, where required, for terrestrial and marginal wildlife habitats in particular.  We are experienced operators in registered historic parks and gardens and in other designated areas, such as SSSI’s and are based within the South Downs National Parks Authority.

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