For large country gardens and estates requiring expert horticulture, ongoing restoration or garden development and management, we are proud to offer clients a full service ranging from long-term ongoing care to one-off specialist pruning tasks, consultancy, wildlife and conservation projects and soft-landscaping.

We accept commissions from the private garden or estate owner and, more recently, are able to offer our services to landscape designers who have requirements for soft-landscaping and after-care support for their clients.

We collaborate with a network of specialists for example hard-landscapers, ecologists, and designers, thus providing the garden or estate owner with a fully inclusive package, which can all be managed by us.

Based near Petworth in West Sussex, our work spans the three border counties of West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

We would be nothing without our team who come with over 100 years of horticultural experience between them!

We were thrilled in 2018 to receive two separate industry awards for our work.




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